Sound Level Calibrator

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This is a brand new CEM SC-05 industrial sound level meter calibrator. This device is designed to calibrate sound meters with 1/2″ microphone. This calibrator complies with IEC 942 Class 2 standard. Its compact size makes the device very easy to carry and handle. Ideally, the sound meter should be calibrated once a year.


* Dual sound pressure outputs at 94dB and 114dB which can be selected by a switch.
* Operates on a single 9V battery.
* Auto sound off on low battery to ensure accurate performance.


* Output sound pressure levels: 114 dB and 94 dB
* Output frequency: 1000Hz +/- 4%
* Reference conditions: temperature at 23 deg C (73 deg F); Air pressure at 1013 mbar; Humidity at 65%RH
* Accuracy: +/- 0.5 dB
* Power: 9V battery
* Compliance: IEC 942 Class2
* Dimensions: 120 (L) x 51 (W) x 43 (H) mm
* Weight: approx. 130g